A conversation that didn’t take place in reality

#: What if I tell you that we became very disconnected from our bodies and souls?

@: Really? and how is that?

#: We no more listen to what our bodies are trying to say to us in health and in illness. The same also with our souls and hearts, we no longer pay attention to its voice.

@: mmmmm..then what are we listening to instead?

#: Noise. Organized and unorganized noise..coming from mouths and minds that shout very loudly, all at the same time, creating an illusion of a real voice. And the advice of this noise changes based on its source and mouths of higher volume, it changes almost every time you change your surrounding medium. Can you imagine how confusing this is?!

@: I do live this confusion. Do you thing there is a way back?

#: Sure there is. It’s long, and you start reaping its rewards once you start walking in it. It never ends, which gives you always something to look forward to meet at every station, “a more authentic version of you”.

@: Good. Is it straight?

#: You wish, but it’s not. Straight is not a feature of guiding paths. Besides, you didn’t reach to that level of disconnection in a straight way, why would expect the way back to be that straight?! I told you “it’s long”. There is no shortcut in this one.

@: Fair enough. Will it hurt?

#: Pain has a bad reputation. Didn’t I tell about being disconnected from one’s body and soul? The very bad reputation of pain stems mainly from this disconnection, we became to prefer “numb” over “feeling anything” to avoid feeling pain. The pain you sometimes experience on your way back is not a picnic, and also is not a hell. It’s better to befriend it when it comes, it will open up to you later and tell you secrets, very helpful secrets.

@: You made it sound poetic!

#: Well, it is, whenever you look backwards, but not necessarily at the moment of change.

@: Can I trust that my decisions and choices will be always right and authentic as long as I make it while on this path?

#: The likelihood of this surely increases, but it’s not absolute. You know why? Generally, the voices from your body and soul are pure, and what you do based on what it tells is also pure. Yet, on the way back, it requires experience to distinguish between these true voices and the other fake ones. Experience sometimes needs trials. So, there will be times when you need to follow what you hear, only to find after a while that it wasn’t what you thought as right and authentic.

@: Good to know, to be careful.

#: You’ll go through this any way, no matter how careful you are. Just be humble and honest enough to admit it to yourself when it happens, and to be courageous enough to search for the true voice and follow it, even if that meant a 180 degree change.

@: I agree, arrogance can block the vision. Thanks. See you on the path.

#: See you soon.


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