From 3000+ to 200+!

I have to admit that I’m the kind of person who always feels reluctant to do the cleaning of the dishes, vacuuming, removing dust of the windows, tidying stuff.

Usually, I move when the situation becomes disastrous!

However, strangely, I do always feel good, and not just good but feel HIGH whenever I finish the cleaning and the household work! An overwhelming sense of relief flows in my body. I feel lighter, happier, and more willing to start my day.

A same feeling flows in me right now, after reducing the “unread” messages in my email from 3070 to almost 240! That required A LOT of presses on the “delete” button, as the pile of unread was dating back to 2012!

I can’t help but think of “why?”.

Probably, it’s the hope it brings to me, as if my unconscious is saying “Wow! If you did that to your email, you can do it to your mind and soul!”

One at a time, dear.

With love,



It’s nearly 2 months since I last wrote here, these 2 months were eventful in a good way, alhamduleAllah (Thanks to God).

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