Letter to self : tell the stories.

That urge to tell stories of past moments, maybe, is a sign of getting over the painful feelings we had, a sign of “Lessons are learned. Done.”, a sign of readiness to welcome the upcoming fresh stories and to fully live them.

In any story I have told or will tell, I need to affirm that, generally, I don’t experience the feeling of regret. I only repent (and love to do so) when I realize that I did something that according to my beliefs doesn’t please my Lord. I don’t like to regret despite sometimes falling in its trap, because I believe that any event is more than just the ‘here and now’ feelings and reactions of it, therefor I accept what I did even if it apparently caused me some harm.

For a personality of a reflector and an introvert (Imagine the suffering!), I had a plenty of time to think and trace many tragic and painful events in my life and also to revisit and challenge my opinions and change them if new relevant input sounded better. A sound in my head wants to say:

“Whatever happened is good, you know this.

Raghda, I can see hope in you and in your ‘Pendulum-like’ thinking that takes you to extremes before landing on the truth. I know the ride to extremes wasn’t and won’t be easy, but the truth that keeps sprouting in your soul is worth it.

Raghda, fear no challenge and no change as long as your rope to the sky is strongly tied, it will bring you back as it always did. Fear no expectations nor breaking a seemingly well-fitting stereotype of you.

Raghda, tell the stories that live in you. Not because you’re a writer. Write them to braid moments and thoughts into a neat meaning that would help you in the coming adventures, and if destined to be, it could someday help someone else.”

mmmm, in fact I wanted to actually tell a story now. But since it’s very late, I’ll sleep now and share it in another night (because words flow better at night, same as water in our tap at home!)

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2 Responses to Letter to self : tell the stories.

  1. Nehal says:

    Raghda, tell the stories that live in you, you are expressing what we all want to say and some of the stories experienced or will be 🙂 Make us have no fear through your stories.


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