(Photos) Calm ducks in the ancient English city..

One day, during my nearly one year stay in Oxford two years ago, I was active enough to wake up early and decide to walk inside Christ Church meadow before taking the bus to the department. I am glad that I did that, as I had the privilege to see these scenes, and add to this, the quietness and the fresh cold breeze, with the company of a very few yet way more active people than myself who came to run.

It was Winter time, when face of the Earth changes, and green meadows are replaced with large lakes of water, then cows go indoors, and ducks enjoy the swim alternately between the newly-made lake and the nearby Thames river.

The ducks seemed not in rush for anything, not confused, nor anxious. Maybe that’s why I needed to deeply look at them at that moment, as I was at the other side, really confused and anxious.

It’s like that every now and then we, humans, desperately need to watch God’s other creations, so we can be rest assured that the ONE who sends to them what they need will do the same for us, that there is no need to worry or be in hurry that much. I guess that most of our pains come from our overly dependence on ourselves as if we are our Lords, at least I know that was absolutely the case for myself.

I’ll leave you now with the calm ducks, hoping that their calmness will be transferred to you. 🙂

P.S. More photos to come inshaAllah, of : birds, flowers, squirrels, trees, mountains, and other things.



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